04 November 2013

I’ll confess, school has been very busy and hence the prolonged update. For starters, I have upgraded how the site is managed. Remeber the first post I made with that giant makefile? Well here is my new makefile:


all : buildSite

	jekyll build

clean : 
	@rm -rf $(DEPLOY_DIR)

deploy: buildSite
	s3cmd sync -M  --delete-removed  --exclude-from=".gitignore" --exclude=".gitignore" --acl-public --mime-type="text/css" $(DEPLOY_DIR)/css/ s3://andrewdemaria.com/css/
	s3cmd sync -M  --delete-removed --exclude-from=".gitignore" --exclude=".gitignore" --exclude=".gitmodules" --acl-public $(DEPLOY_DIR)/ s3://andrewdemaria.com/

Quite a difference, don’t you think? As you may have noticed under the buildSite target, I am now using jekyll to build the site. It was a painless migration as jekyll goes down the same road that I was initially headed: use markdown to generate posts, collect it all together and deploy it as a static site. It is actually a common way to use Github Pages, so while I am using Amazon S3, you can also just push your code to a Github repo for the same effect.

With that done and out of the way, it should be a bit more painless to create blogs. Upcoming I should have some interesting tidbits to share about some of my school projects.

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