04 August 2013

Just a short one today…

Javascript is an interesting language. It combines the syntax structure of C, Java and other bracey languages with a dynamically typed one like Python. Yet at the same time it isn't quite Object Oriented with a hint of Functionalism.

Right from the get-go Javascript has felt clunky to me. Its like a hybrid language that can't quite decide what its meant for. JQuery has made working with the language much more enoyable but I still haven't reached a point of being able to put Javascript on my tool belt. However, I did find something bringing me one step closer: JavaScript Lint integration with Vim. Source Forge

JavaScript Lint allows me to write all my Javascript in vim and when I save a file, it produces nice errors next to the line numbers. It allows for immediate feedback and saves a trip to the browser and back. It seems pretty solid (I haven’t run into any issues yet) but it also seems that development on the project has stalled a bit. Update 2013.09.05 Here is a fork of the project that seems a bit more updated.


Tomorrow I'll hopefully have the installation instructions up for *Nix machines.

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